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The action or literature review should leave logically and clearly to your research lab or hypothesis.

Honors Students' Theses

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Thesis Examples

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The Stanford University Honor Code is a part of this course. It is Stanford’s statement on academic integrity first written by Stanford students in It articulates university expectations of students and faculty in establishing and maintaining the highest standards in academic work.

If a thesis is available in Open Commons, the title will be linked. Theses not available via Open Commons are available for viewing only in the Honors Program office in ROWE/CUE (for the previous two academic years) or in the University Archives in the Dodd Research Center.

The national honor society is a confederation of students in high schools based in the United States and its far-flung belts. There exist many sections of this confederation in the various high schools.

Thesis. Here you find a sample of Honors Theses completed in the past semesters. Check them out and get a better understanding of. Honors Thesis Proposal Candidates for the Research Citation in Honors are required to prepare a proposal outlining plans, methods, and intended outcomes for an independent research project leading to a senior Honors thesis.

An honors thesis should replicate—on a smaller scale—the appearance of a dissertation or master’s thesis. So, you need to include the “trappings” of a formal piece of academic work.

Honors Thesis

For specific questions on formatting matters, check with your department to see if it has a style guide that you should use.

Honor thesis statement
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